Azienda agricola Pietro Torti

About us

Our history

The company bears the name of my father, from whom I inherited it in 1990, but the Torti family has been cultivating its own vineyards for generations on the hills of Montecalvo Versiggia, a small town in the Oltrepò Pavese with hills that have been for centuries the ideal soil for growing grapes.

Oltrepò Pavese is the third area of production of certified wines in Italy (after Chianti and Asti) and the first production area of Pinot Nero (about 75% of the entire national production).

Oltrepò Pavese is one of the most important areas in the world for the production of sparkling wines with 12 million bottles per year (of which 1.5 million of sparkling wine Metodo Classico). The most cultivated vines are Croatina (4,000 hectares, 70% of the entire national production), Barbera (3,000), Pinot Nero (almost 3,000) and Riesling (1,500), and we also rely on these vines as a company.

Our vineyards

The vineyards of the company (10 hectares with organic certification) are partly new plants with dense vines (4500 vines / ha) and partly old vineyards of about 40 years of age, with density of about 3000 vines / ha. The soil is basically clayey-silty, compact, poor in organic substance and rich in potassium.

The company has always implemented the grassing of the inter-row. Fertilizations are reduced to a minimum and  prunings, in Guyot, are short, with a maximum of 10 or 12 buds per vine. The richness of the land, the favorable exposure and the very regular climatic trend are the ideal conditions for the synthesis of particularly intense aromas in white wines and for the production of important reds and for aging.