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FIVI – Independent Winemakers

What does it mean in practice to be an “Independent Winegrower”?
The Independent Winegrower cultivates his vineyards, make wine from his grapes, bottle his wine and sells it, under his own responsibility, with his name and his label.
For these reasons, we have been members for years of FIVI – Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers, an association with over 1,000 producers in Italy. which in turn adheres to the CEVI (Confederation Europenne des Vignerons Indipendants) which includes associations of winemakers from different European countries.

The FIVI fairs are often market fairs, where it is possible to buy wines for tasting and where all the stands are the same: to speak are the wines and the winemakers that produce them.

For further information on FIVI see the FIVI web site.