Azienda agricola Pietro Torti

Our values

“We must show respect for what the land gives us.”.

From this phrase that my father always repeated to me, my idea of natural wine was born, shared by my daughter Chiara, who is studying enology and has been following me in my work for years.

Respect for the land, the vine and the grapes are the foundations of my work philosophy. I produce my wines with agronomic and enological techniques that do not mortify the imprint of the vine and the territory. The grassing of the land, the fertilizations with organic substance, the use of copper and sulfur for anticryptogamic treatments, the limited use of selected yeasts and sulphites in the cellar are just some of the attention I put into the production of my wines.
Those who produce naturally run more risks, but rejecting standardization and accepting the challenges of nature produce products of great personality that give immense satisfaction.

Alessandro Torti

We have always been for organic wine, and since 2015 we are certified.