Azienda agricola Pietro Torti

Our wines

When I conceive a wine of any kind, I try to do it in the best way, to communicate to customers the pleasure of drinking it. It must be a quality wine, carefully packaged. This applies to “simple” and young wines as well as to the most “important” and mature wines.

Below are our wines divided by categories. Select the bottle to go to the wine detail card.

Sparkling wines - Traditional method

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Pietro Torti Pietro Torti CruaséPietro Torti Blanc de Blanc
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MobiCampo RiveraCastelrotto Rosso
MobiCampo RiveraCastelrotto Rosso

Red wines

Barbera O.P. DOCBonarda dell'O.P. DOC (vivace)Uva rara IGPTerre Gobbe - Pinot Nero dell'O.P. DOCVerzello - Bonarda dell'O.P. DOC
BarberaBonardaUva raraTerre GobbeVerzello

White wines

Riesling O.P. DOC  alt= Fagù - IGT Bianco
RieslingItalico Fagù

Dessert wines

Avi - IGT Rosso dolceLetizia - IGT Rosso dolce (vivace)